A wood deck is a great way to expand your backyard’s abilities and establish a great area to entertain guests. Gain another living space with a deck installation service. Many people attempt to take on a wood deck as a weekend DIY project. But hiring a general contractor such as us can help you better plan the job according to your climate, lifestyle needs, and budget, and arrive at a better result!

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Throwback to this big monster pool deck.

When planning your wood deck take these into account:

  • Size and shape of your yard

  • What do you want to use your deck for (dining? relaxing?)

  • Height of your deck

  • What type of wood you want

  • Designs, Steps, Railings

  • Budget

These aspects can help you design the perfect wood deck for your yard. An alternative if you want more living space than just a deck, you can discuss with a wood deck builder if a full porch is an available option.


Natural wood is the most common choice for anyone seeking to install a deck or porch. Wood is usually chosen for visual appeal because homeowners want that authentic look. Any local home improvement company will tell you that all-natural wood types will eventually lose their colour to a grey version of their original hue. This is one reason why natural wood needs yearly treatment, including staining and cleaning. 

Pressure Treated: 
Pressure treated wood, also called PT wood, is usually the least expensive and lasts for about 15 years. However PT woods are often popular options because they require less daily maintenance and resist scratching more than other natural woods. 

Redwood and Cedar:
These woods usually last about 20 years and have a natural defence against insects and rot. However, they’re easily damaged. These are softwoods which means they’re easy to work with and are generally less expensive than the tropical hardwoods. 
They are stiff, but lightweight in nature and generally lighter coloured. Many people will use redwood or cedar and then stain them to their preferred colour. However, both redwood and cedar will fade to a grey quickly if not maintained. There are some options of sun-blocking to postpone this, but getting your deck stained and sealed is your best bet.